Below is the embedded video of a TV late night show-style conversation—complete with 1950s style microphone unconnected to anything!—I had with Guy Churchward of Datera and Tom Sabol of HPE on the occasion of the Datera-germinated SDDC Virtual Symposium event recently. 

There’s a danger in writing this blog that I might start simply repeating what happens in the video-recorded session. And that would kinda spoil things, eh, since we’d like you to watch it!? Suffice to say that my hopes for the recent SDDC event were more than fulfilled. Yes, everything was done from a multi-vendor viewpoint with as little grand-standing as possible. And out-and-out vendor pitches did not make it onto the agenda—even when things got product specific, it was always couched in terms that made it a part of the greater general whole.

Perhaps more importantly was that we were given the freedom to have a real conversation, not a stilted and scripted pretend conversation. Certainly it was enjoyable to do—and we hope that makes it enjoyable to watch too!! Of course, making something enjoyable should not be done at the expense of keeping it valuable and insightful but, in the same way that we can all remember song tunes and lyrics years later, we hope that wrapping our serious content in an engaging manner makes it both fun and worthwhile to watch. A few minutes of contorted corporate buzzword bingo can be as short on value as it is in time because it is so dry; on the other hand, we’re asking for an hour of your time but we think the “lyrics” will stick!

Thanks to Datera for (a) getting this consortium of vendors to co-operate again; (b) for having me host; and (c) for allowing us the freedom to drive an interesting conversation rather than just a collection of mini-sermons and approved vendor marketing-speak. We hope you will watch and enjoy the video in which we cover such topics as the nature of contemporary data, why data-centricity matters, and how a consortium of vendors can not only try to change perceptions of optimized “software-defined” approaches and abilities, but can deliver more tools and greater value as a result.

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