We have been focused on Datera’s “Secret Sauce’s” the past few posts, this week we are taking a short break to explain how we use Kubernetes to power our customer analytics portal. Our own “Datera + Kubernetes” case study! Next week, we will wrap up our “Secret Sauce” series as we explore Datera’s policy driven, open API automation and scripting extensibility.

Datera and Kubernetes were made for each other, and given the early inclusion of K8’s into the Datera ecosystem, we use it ourselves! This blog is a quick intro that describes how we upgraded and enhanced our first cloud based analytics platform, to use Kubernetes to help us scale our performance and capacity issues, as we have recently added a large number of new customers.

Hosting persistent storage (PVs and PVCs) is what Datera was designed for, and it seemed natural this year to migrate our analytics package (internally, we call this platform “Insights.”), to be powered by Kubernetes, to enable rapid scaling and seamlessly handle our larger volume of customers.

Our Case Study describes in some technical detail how we deployed 13 Kubernetes nodes, and used the flexibility of the Datera data storage system to combine just the right combination of SATA/SAS flash nodes, with NVMe and Optane likely in the future. The ability to mix and match nodes for performance, capacity or cost considerations, is one of the unique aspects that is helping the Global 1000 shift from legacy SAN and fiber channel systems, into Datera and high-performance Ethernet.

Datera is a fully dis-aggregated scale-out storage platform, that runs over multiple standard protocols (iSCSI, Object/S3), combining both heterogeneous compute platform/framework flexibility (HPE, Dell, Fujitsu, Intel, and others) with rapid deployment velocity and access to data from anywhere. Datera’s Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver deeply integrates with the Kubernetes runtime. It allows deploying an entire stateful multi-site environment.

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