Why are the largest and most demanding companies in the world transitioning to software defined storage with Datera?

Datera is tearing down storage barriers through a radically simple idea – defining storage by its data, driven automatically by applications. How?

Seamless Management

Mix and match storage media technologies in the same system, from high capacity to the latest low latency Optane, to deliver a wide range of storage services for different applications.

Eliminate Migrations

The system automatically and transparently moves data according to policies. Live insertion of servers enables painless capacity upgrades.

Powerful Automation

Drive APIs to manage the system’s dynamic policies that reduce operational overhead on an enterprise scale. True, business agility.

Elastic and Flexible

Accommodate changing business needs with Datera’s scale-out architecture. Enable easy, incremental storage expansion from different vendors in the same system.

Radically Lower Costs

Drastically improve OPEX with simple and efficient operations and dynamic business agility.  Manage CAPEX with diverse vendor support.

Eliminate Vendor lock in

Run multiple vendor’s hardware in the same Datera system and freely evolve the system over time to meet changing needs and business goals.

Reduce Resources

Autonomously optimize the system with dynamic data migration to enable efficient management, deliver breakthrough results, and free up human resources for innovation.

Enable Hybrid Cloud

Backup data to public or private cloud object storage, including using a remote Datera system as an S3 target.

Capacity & Performance

Live insert additional storage servers to scale system capacity or performance or both with automatic resource discovery and workload rebalancing.

Datera is a software-defined storage solution that is as simple and elastic as the cloud, as powerful as enterprise arrays and automated!

“By 2024, 50% of the global storage capacity will be deployed as SDS on-premises or on the public cloud, up from less than 15% in 2020.”

Gartner 2020 Strategic Roadmap for Storage

Battle proven Enterprise SDS!

Deployed at scale for global enterprises and service providers

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