Why Datera:
Effortlessly Deliver Data at Scale

Datera is the only application-driven data infrastructure that automatically delivers elastic data services for every app across your data center, private clouds and hybrid clouds.

The Problem: Primary Storage Silos

As primary storage capacity grows, increased complexity and management burdens reduce business agility and increase risk. Storage silos and point products become barriers to IT productivity while vendor lock-in leaves you locked out from new technologies with better economics. Public cloud is simple enough, but simply too expensive at scale.


  • Labor-intensive planning & provisioning
  • Too many storage tiers & types
  • Can’t consolidate apps or data


  • Multiple point products
  • Proprietary vendor lock-in
  • Over-provisioned & under-utilized


  • Limited scalability
  • Forklift upgrades & data migrations
  • Dedicated storage networks

The Datera Data Services Platform (DSP)

Datera DSP is the only application-driven data services architecture with the enterprise-class performance and latency, future-proof extensibility and game-changing economics to orchestrate data at scale for virtually any application within today’s IT environments – and tomorrow’s. DSP replaces rigid storage silos with a single agile platform that automatically delivers your data as a suite of continuously available data services for containers, clouds, databases, DevOps and more.


  • Dynamically scalable, self-configuring
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Application-driven auto-tiering
  • Multi-tenant, QoS, app templates


  • Single software-defined platform
  • Industry-standard x86 servers
  • Highly-elastic price/performance
  • Efficient data reduction & encryption


  • Asymmetric scale-out design
  • Future-proof, rapid technology sunrise
  • Automatic live data migration
  • Native L3 networking, rack-scale enabled

Orchestrate Anything. Deliver Everything. Without the Silos.

Transcend primary storage silos with the only on-prem, ops-free data services platform for all your traditional and modern apps.

DSP is software-defined, self-driving scale-out storage that delivers all your data with cloud simplicity and better-than-public cloud economics.

DSP runs on standard x86 servers with a heterogeneous mix of persistent memory, flash and disk storage media to create a wide spectrum of price/performance, automatically and continuously optimized for every application.

Datera Ecosystem

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL