Re-imagining Enterprise Block Storage

Tearing down storage barriers through a radically simple idea – defining storage by its data, driven automatically by applications.

Seamless Migration
Reduce Resources
Enable Hybrid Cloud
Eliminate Migrations
Elastic and Flexible
Continuous Availability
Capacity and Performance
Business Agility
Automation via API


Move Beyond

Automate data via autonomous, scalable, and dynamic data infrastructure

Enable self-service and policy-driven architecture to meet dynamic workloads

Software-Defined Storage transforms industry-standard servers into Enterprise Storage


A New Storage Architecture

Built for scale

Built for performance

Built for the hybrid cloud

Built for cloud-like simplicity

Built for autonomous operations

“Datera’s Data Services Platform simplifies IT storage architectures, creating a single design that spans workloads, locations, and use cases. For organizations drowning in islands of storage, it deserves strong consideration.”

George Crump, Chief Steward

“In a time when enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace, Datera helps by delivering scale-out persistent storage that offers this necessary agility.”

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst

From the dawn of the disk era, storage has been defined by its limits, creating barriers to extracting maximum value from an enterprise’s most valuable asset – data. Today, clouds are driving needed agility, but storage has not kept pace until now:

Datera’s software-defined platform implemented for block and object data that enables a data infrastructure that is heterogeneous, dynamic, and autonomous.

This is achieved through three distinct layers:


Define the intent for your data and Datera will take care of the rest:

Seamless Management | Eliminate Migrations | Powerful Automation

Elastic and Flexible | Radically Lower Cost | Eliminate Vendor lock-in

Reduce Resources | Enable Hybrid Cloud | Capacity and Performance


Featured Customer

Global Legal Tech Firm Increases Performance & Competitiveness with Datera Tier 1 Software-Defined Storage

The search for a software-defined solution that could match the performance of all-flash arrays on hybrid servers, did not lock-in on a single hardware vendor, provided regional automation on stretched clusters, and offered consumption-based flexibility and economics led to Datera enterprise software defined storage.


Learn why Datera is so revolutionary

Datera is tearing down storage barriers through a radically simple idea – defining storage by its data


Evaluator Group Analyzes Datera Tier 1 SDS

Other SDS technologies have similar scale-out architectures, their processes are quite different from Datera.


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