Abandoned By Your SDS Sellout? Datera Solves Data Orchestration for Your Software Defined Data Center!

Ex-ScaleIO customers, Datera is ready to remove the roadblocks to the storage problem of your software defined data center with high-performance data orchestration on your choice of server vendor

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Data Responsiveness Means Everything! Software-Driven Performance? Really???

Datera meets Intel Optane and Mellanox to deliver 107µS latency with a workload of rich data services. Need we say more? Read on...

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Future-Ready Choice. It’s All About Freedom.

HPE, Fujitsu, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Supermicro... you know our server partners. Datera enables you to choose who you want, mix and add on-the-fly

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There is no scale without automation. Datera data orchestration capabilities drive data from app to storage media and back again, maximizing responsiveness and optimizing the environment to deliver the quality of service you chose. That’s the power of a 100% programmable approach.

Datera – Bringing the Software-Defined Revolution to Enterprise Data Storage

No system passes GO without performance. Datera delivers consistent sub-200µS latencies as you scale to petabytes and millions of IOPS with continuous availably, all in a cloud-like environment built for the modern, software-defined data center.

Datera – Bringing the Software-Defined Revolution to Enterprise Data Storage

Datera delivers lower total cost by as much as 70%, now and into the future. Uniquely, Datera is 100% software, lowering capital cost of equipment through partnership with market-leading server technology vendors, like HPE, Intel, Samsung, and Fujistu. AND Datera also lowers administrative costs, as measured in time, blood, sweat, and tears, through machine learning and programmable automation.

Datera is optimized for constant change, ready to adopt new hardware technologies on-the-fly, without disruption.

Datera – Bringing the Software-Defined Revolution to Enterprise Data Storage

Don't Box Me In

Data powers your business. Constantly growing and constantly flowing, it must move to and from applications without friction or holdups. Simply. Economically. With the performance and protection to meet the quality of service you chose, regardless of scale. A tall order for many, but not for Datera. Datera orchestrates it all in concert with our partners, the leaders in enterprise software and infrastructure Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and beyond.

Why Datera

Application-driven cloud storage



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George Crump, leading analyst tells why storage is the biggest roadblock to the promise of performance & flexibility in the modern SDDC...

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High-performance Data Orchestration Explained

Sub-200µS latency is possible with software, as well as machine-learning optimized automation, hardware choice and massive scaleability...

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50 Waze to Leave your Legacy Storage

Just as Waze has become indispensable in my daily life, Datera provides a higher degree of intelligence and precision in moving data...

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“Datera’s Data Services Platform simplifies IT storage architectures, creating a single design that spans workloads, locations and use cases. For organizations drowning in islands of storage, it deserves strong consideration.”

Storage Switzerland, LLC
George Crump
Chief Steward

“In a time when enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace, Datera helps by delivering scale-out persistent storage that offers this necessary agility.”

Enterprise Strategy Group
Scott Sinclair
Senior Analyst