Silos are for Farmers – Not Primary Storage
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Set your data free. Replace rigid storage silos with modern, application-driven data services for any environment.

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Borders are for Flower Beds – Not Data
Hello, Data Services Platform!

Break through enterprise storage barriers with modern, application-driven data services for data centers, private & hybrid clouds.

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Forklifts are for Warehouses – Not Upgrades
Hello, Data Services Platform!

Transcend storage silos with modern application-driven data services for all your traditional & cloud-native apps.

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As your applications multiply and data grows, so do the time and complexity of managing them. To make it easier, you created storage silos. Now, your silos are the real problem. Going to the public cloud sounds good but is simply too expensive. You really want cloud simplicity.

Without the silos. Hello?

Datera takes your data to the ultimate limit – none. A single platform to orchestrate data at scale for all your apps, automatically driven by your SLOs. Simple – so long, storage silos.

New applications arrive almost daily while IT teams struggle to provision storage and protect all that data. Forklift upgrades and data migrations fill nights and weekends. With each new silo complexity increases. Less is more, and you could really use more of that.

Datera delivers more by delivering less. Users help themselves to highly-elastic data services, automatically and continuously tailored to their apps and your policies.

Without data migrations or forklifts – ever. Simply effortless.

New storage technologies on the horizon promise better performance, function or cost. You really want them. But vendors are often slow to embrace them, creating needless barriers. Worse, some systems can’t be adapted, leaving you and a forklift to work it out. Again.

Put an end to endless data migrations. Datera’s future-proof extensibility means new technology can be incorporated rapidly. Simply. Non-disruptively.

So you can get what you really need – in your time frame, not theirs. Timeless.

Goodbye, Box Mentality

Data drives your business. Constantly growing, it must continuously flow to applications. Simply. Economically. With the performance and protection to satisfy SLOs, regardless of scale or complexity. It’s a tall order for siloed primary storage.

Datera replaces storage silos with highly-elastic, application-driven data services to orchestrate data at scale for any application in your data center, private or hybrid cloud.

Why Datera

Application-driven cloud storage

What’s New at Datera


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“Datera’s Data Services Platform simplifies IT storage architectures, creating a single design that spans workloads, locations and use cases. For organizations drowning in islands of storage, it deserves strong consideration.”

Storage Switzerland, LLC
George Crump
Chief Steward

“In a time when enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace, Datera helps by delivering scale-out persistent storage that offers this necessary agility.”

Enterprise Strategy Group
Scott Sinclair
Senior Analyst