In our last blog we talked about how Datera helps customers that have outgrown the capabilities of vSAN and want to continue their software defined journey.

As environments grow larger, IT professionals are challenged with not only managing data at scale but being in position to rapidly respond to new requirements and adopt new technological advancements that can benefit the business.

In this paradigm is where customers turn to the Datera heterogeneous software defined platform to deploy a high performance, dynamic and autonomous scalable data infrastructure.

As most Datera customers have deployed vSphere within their organizations, Datera has had tight integration with vSphere for many years. Recently we further enhanced our vCenter Plug-In (VCP) to include health checks, and additional functionality.

The goal is always simplicity, so that vCenter administrators can remain within familiar consoles, and provision powerful, programmatic and autonomous storage without needing to know anything about the underlying storage.

Datera is deployed in a scale-out configuration of industry standard x86 servers containing a heterogeneous mix of standard servers utilizing a variety of storage media types including persistent memory, NVMe flash, SATA flash, 3D XPoint memory and/or conventional HDDs.

The Datera VCP Plugin is a user-friendly browser-based tool that integrates with the VMware™ vSphere™ Web Client, providing an alternative interface that allows monitoring and management of the Datera software defined platform.

The Datera VCP plugin is used to discover the Datera Data Services Platform, manage the volumes, view the status, and monitor the storage system environment. The user can monitor user activity, system activity and alert messages and make sure the system is configured according to Datera’s Best Practices for a VMWare™ Environment, all without leaving the familiar vCenter User Interface.

In this video (please click the image below), Kurt Hutchinson, one of our Sr. Solutions Engineers, walks you through how easy it is to provision and deploy Datera directly via the vSphere Client, without ever needing to enter the Datera GUI. Encourage you to watch, as he clearly shows how simple it is to provision intelligent block storage, at massive scale, by those with little storage knowledge!

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