As cloud storage geeks, we’re big fans of deep dives that help separate the hype from the reality in the land of Cloud and Data Storage. To get to the bottom of it, Datera CTO Hal Woods met recently with Chris M. Evans and Martin Glassborow of ArchitectingIT for their Storage Unpacked podcast series for a couple of episodes.

Software-Defined Storage in Review with Datera CTO Hal Woods Podcast

In the first episode, Chris, Martin and Hal discuss storage deployment models in the enterprise and where software-defined storage fits into an overall infrastructure strategy. The group says that adopters of the public cloud have begun to more clearly understand its pros and cons in the last five years. Because more and more enterprises are considering a move to private cloud deployment models, they lay out a decision-making tree for where data should live and why. Can one achieve a flexible, agile private cloud without SDS? There is a lot to ‘unpack.’ Listen here:

Datera 101 with Datera CTO Hal Woods Podcast

Hal has worked on almost 30 different SDS architectures throughout his career. He knows SDS inside and out, as well as what works and doesn’t work for Fortune 1000 companies. So what makes Datera’s SDS platform stand apart from the other 29, and why did “SDS 1.0” architectures mostly end up on the shelf? Hal, Chris and Martin dive deep into the industry sector as a whole and Datera’s secret sauce specifically to help you understand the past, present and future of SDS—including Datera’s move to a software subscription model, customer use cases, and specific customer examples of Datera in production. 

Thanks for listening! You can find these podcast episodes and more over at Storage Unpacked.