As an industry analyst, I am fortunate to get a front-row seat to how technologies are developed and consumed, and how markets shift. One of the key trends I’ve been tracking in 2019 is the continued strong interest in—and move to—software-defined infrastructure. I wrote about this in a prior guest blog for Datera earlier this year, when they first brought a group of us together to discuss the topic.

Truth be told, IT users want infrastructure to essentially be boring because that means it’s working properly. As modern enterprises move to microservices-based application architectures, build out their CICD pipelines, and so on, the need for flexible, agile infrastructure continues to grow. It gets really tough to look at storage, compute, and networking separately (even writing that might be showing my age!) as the overall issue is how all the infrastructure elements mesh together to meet your needs not only today and in the future, but also optimally.

To that end, Datera is once again bringing together industry leaders to show (not just tell) you how modern enterprises are able to make—and benefit from—the move to a software-defined future. Next week I will be keynoting the virtual SDDC Symposium along with Tom Sabol, HPE Sales Leader – Storage, and Guy Churchward, Datera CEO. We will discuss the needs of modern enterprises, and how software-defined approaches and technologies can usefully change the way infrastructure is used, consumed and optimized (whether your focus is on-prem, cloud or a mix).

In addition to the keynote, I’ll be talking all this through with brainpower from CloudOps, Cumulus, Datera, HPE, Intel, Mellanox, and Scality.

I am looking forward to it – multi-vendor conversations like this are invariably more naturally self-checking, clear, and thought-provoking because it is not about selling a given product, but about dissecting, planting and developing needs, ideas and approaches. I hope you’ll spend some time with all of us – we promise to be engaging! I am sure my blog hosts will add some handy links and information after I sign off here…