Why is it when it’s your neck on the line that everyone in Silicon Valley queues up to lecture you on how critical it is that you take risks? From David Packard (“Take risks. Ask big questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”), to Steve Jobs (“The greatest artists like Dylan, Picasso and Newton risked failure. And if we want to be great, we’ve got to risk it too.”), to Zuck (“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”), everyone wants you to take risks.

At Datera, we believe in the mantra of “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” and we believe you have a big opportunity to make a once in a generation change in your data environment to make your apps and your lives better. But do it by getting under the hood and into the minds of the architects that built the product so you go deep on it, mitigate your risks, and sleep well at night rather than reboot servers and drives at 3AM.

To help you do this, Datera put together a recent tech chat with our senior software architects to answer your questions on how our product works and why we built it the way we built it. In case you were too busy, you can access it here.

OnDemand Webinar: Geek Out: Data Automation in the Modern Software Defined DATA Center Explained

But if you don’t have the time to listen, we’ve recorded a number of conversations on how Datera automates and continuously optimizes your data environment, replacing the tired arrays that are driving your storage folks crazy. Check them out when you have time to get under the hood – 3 to 5 minutes at a time. And unlike some, we take requests, so give us a shout at geekout@datara.io.

Here’s our CTO Hal Woods on how Datera delivers a 100% Programmable Approach to storage to generate Infrastructure as Code, the new rage in data infrastructure that many talk about but few deliver.

Programmable Storage, Software Defined with no Hardware Requirements

Here’s our Co-Founder Nic Bellinger, Linux I/O God and Senior Software Architect, on how Datera harnesses Applied Machine Learning to automate data operations enabled by user-defined Classes of Service.

Applied Machine Learning: How Datera Optimizes Data Automation

Here’s one from our software architect Antoine Sindhu on our approach to Automated Data Placement and Migration capabilities so that you no longer have to do this by hand.

Data Placement & Migration

Here’s Nic again on how our patented Lockless Coherency Protocol enables active-active stretched data clusters across geographies and delivers extreme low-latency & data durability.

Lockless Coherency Protocol: How Datera Achieves Extreme Low-latency & Durability

Here’s Hal’s wisdom on how the old school storage industry plays tricks with 9s to explain data availability and how our focus on Continuous Data Availability puts your needs first rather than vendor bullshit, er, competitive one upmanship.

Data Continuous Availability vs High Availability

Antoine again talks through how the power of a 100% Programmable Infrastructure is where it is at and why Infrastructure As Code is at the core to the modern SDDC.


Our goal is to give you the meat so you can understand the capabilities we deliver and match us up against anyone. Find out why working with us is a safe bet and will help you capture outsized gains in your environment as you make your move to modernize your storage approach in 2019. If you have requests for more, give us a shout at geekout@datara.io.

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