Video: Modern Data Center Awareness

[VIDEO] Datera Modern Data Center Awareness

This TECH FIELD DAY presentation focuses on application portability, eliminating infrastructure lock-in, and graduating applications from QA/Test-Dev to production WITHOUT resource overload.

Enter Datera. In the 26 minute presentation the following questions and topics are discussed:

  • VIDEO: Datera Modern Data Center AwarenessWhy containers?
  • Application portability from on-premises to cloud
  • Eliminating infrastructure lock-in from hardware dependent to software dependent
  • What is a pod?
  • Application intent driven, built for today and tomorrow
  • Cloud-like self-service on-premises
  • Graduating applications from QA/test-dev to production without resource overhead
  • Datera is built to keep the containers world contained
  • Datera’s enterprise features as they apply to containers and other environments

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