A modern, scalable data infrastructure for the data economy

Datera is tearing down storage barriers through a radically simple idea – defining storage by its data, driven automatically by applications. A software defined storage solution that is as simple and elastic as the cloud, as powerful as enterprise arrays and AUTOMATED!

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Intel Optane
RedHat OpenShift
Apache HBase
Google Cloud

Datera is the global leader in autonomous data services software, delivering high performance, server based block and object storage solutions. Enterprise companies around the globe use the Datera Data Services Platform for self-driving data operations at scale, turning commodity servers into high performance, scale-out storage, to radically increase business agility, operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs.


VMware Environment

Virtual Machines

6-minute overview of the values customers get with Datera enterprise block & S3 object storage, optimized for VMware environments.


Database Acceleration


Watch & learn how Datera accelerates database operations at scale, beyond the capabilities of public cloud for DBaaS.


Database Center

Database Center

Datera CTO presents a 16-minute overview on the agility, performance, and CapEx and OpEx savings customers gain with Datera enterprise SDS, eliminating downtime & maximizing agility at massive scale.


DevOps Environment

Dev Ops

In a 2-minute tech talk, Datera CTO talks about programmable, cloud-like scale-out, enterprise software defined storage designed for elasticity, agility and velocity in self-service DevOps environments.


Kubernetes Challenges


Watch Kubernetes expert diagram how Datera enterprise SDS provides dynamic automation go optimize storage for Kubernetes environments.


Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Services

Watch how one cloud service provider increased performance and elasticity while reducing costs in an automated multi-tenant data architecture.


Enterprise performance and enterprise features in software-driven compute, networking & scale-out storage that is optimized in VMs, Containers and bare metal environments with L2 & L3 network support provides a cloud
architecture on-prem.

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Scale-out Enterprise Software Defined Storage

Datera Enterprise SDS On-Prem

Marc Fleischmann, President & Co-Founder, Hal Woods, CTO, & Nic Bellinger, Chief Architect and Co-Founder explain software-driven, high-performance scale-out enterprise software defined storage.


IDC reports that 63% of companies are in the process of repatriating applications and data back on-prem from the public cloud. A service-oriented “cloud-like” approach to IT brings cloud home.

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Stretched Clusters

Stretched Cluster

Watch & learn how Datera scale-out enterprise software defined storage provides agile and resilient Tier 1 storage with enterprise features, including fault domains, replication, continuous availability, and stretched

SDS Graphic

The Opportunity: Relegate Legacy Storage to the Past and Move Forward

Don’t let the storage you start with be the storage you’re stuck with. Your rigorous and rational evaluation way back when yielded a selection, but then, the world changed. VMware introduced the Software Defined Data Center, applications came and went and new technologies– like Flash and Containers – sprang up like popcorn. Your selection from the past may have worked at the time, but now, it’s holding you back, courtesy of vendor lock-in and new technology lock-out. That was then, and this is now. The opportunity to turn the page is yours.


  • Labor-intensive planning & provisioning
  • Too many storage tiers & types
  • Can’t consolidate apps or data


  • Multiple point products
  • Proprietary vendor lock-in
  • Over-provisioned & under-utilized


  • Limited scalability
  • Forklift upgrades & data migrations
  • Dedicated storage networks

The Game Changer: Datera Data Services Platform

Change is constant. Embrace IT change with Datera, which starts with a new approach to enterprise data storage. Use a 100% software-driven approach using standard servers with the media of your choice to drive your infrastructure, program your infrastructure from the application on down, and add new technologies, from server configurations to media types, across generations of innovation. Then let our machine learning capabilities automatically rebalance and optimize your data to achieve the quality of service you want by application, tenant, user and computer choice.


  • Dynamically scalable, self-configuring
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Application-driven auto-tiering
  • Multi-tenant, QoS, app templates


  • Single software-defined platform
  • Industry-standard x86 servers
  • Highly-elastic price/performance
  • Efficient data reduction & encryption


  • Asymmetric scale-out design
  • Future-proof, rapid technology sunrise
  • Automatic live data migration
  • Native L3 networking, rack-scale enabled

Datera Ecosystem

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • Hadoop
  • Openshift
  • Kubernetes
  • Mesos
  • OpenStack
  • Apache CloudStack
  • VMWare
  • Windows
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure


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