Datera Data Services Platform

Seamless Migration
Reduce Resources
Enable Hybrid Cloud
Eliminate Migrations
Elastic and Flexible
Continuous Availability
Capacity and Performance
Business Agility
Automation via API

Performance, Availability, and Efficiency: Pick 3

Data is at the center of the Data Center.  Datera is revolutionary storage software that unifies data management around diverse workloads and ecosystems.  Driven by cloud-like automation, agility, flexibility, and scale for on-prem and hybrid clouds.


"We tested many storage platforms and found the Datera delivered the best and most consistent cloud platform performance for our random differential workloads. This was critical for the general unknown workloads coming our way on a monthly basis."

Top 100 Telco, VP Infrastructure

"It took a matter of hours to deploy Datera in a Layer 3 environment where it took an entire year for its incumbent
competitive scale-out platform."

Top 100 Financial Services, Senior Director Storage Infrastructure

Agile Architecture

Built with a unique architecture that enables the rapid and flexible adoption of the latest industry-standard server and storage media technologies and autonomously delivers a cloud-like user experience and business model on-premises at enterprise scale, with linear performance, continuous availability, and strong efficiency.

Autonomous Control Plane

Storage Operations at scale are painful, time-consuming, and manual.  Do they have to be?  Datera has another way.  Datera’s innovative autonomous control plane technology is the brains of this powerful scale-out architecture.



Dynamic Data Plane

Gone are the days of tedious and unreliable data migrations. Dynamic mobility frees applications from underlying technology allowing for transparent, online optimization of infrastructure. Data is fluid and moves easily to meet application requirements, resource availability or user-driven policy changes.

Optimized IO Stack

How do you build a commodity-based scale-out storage system with better latency than the best enterprise arrays?  A maniacal focus and patented lockless coherency protocol are how.  Combined with the dynamic data fabric and autonomous control plane datera can adapt to any business need.


Industry Standard Hardware

How do you move away from proprietary hardware that forces forklift upgrades and technology lock-in?  Build technology implemented around a principle of abstraction from the physical server and media resources.  Datera is the only system with the agility and flexibility that provides for the optimization of Performance, Lifecycle/Procurement, and adaption of new technologies.


For too long IT administrators have struggled to support diverse environments and workloads.  With Datera’s flexibility and innate programmability, integration is simple.  Whether connecting to legacy environments or rolling your own every function is available via REST API and through Eco-System native plugins.


Seamless Scaling

Rich Enterprise Feature Set

Cloud-based Analytics Portal

Advanced-Data Reduction

Data At Rest Encryption

Multi-tenancy with Self Service


Per Volume Quality of Service

Snapshots and Clones

Stretch Cluster

LDAP Integration

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