Datera Software on Fujitsu Servers

Datera software distributed under Fujitsu's storage portfolio


Fujitsu Primergy Servers

Datera delivers high-performance data orchestration and advanced automation on the most flexible and secure industry standard Fujitsu Primergy M5 servers. Datera 100% software-driven data services platform powers the most demanding application environments at global scale with game-changing automation and enterprise performance to achieve a cloud-like data infrastructure, all at a 70% lower total cost of ownership and on-going operation.
Delivering consistent low latencies of sub-two hundred microseconds, and scaling to millions of IOPS, Datera on Fujitsu Primergy servers outperforms all software-defined storage solutions and many traditional storage arrays.

The Datera cloud-based analytics engine monitors infrastructure and ensures performance, while providing continuous availability and intelligent self-optimization. Datera on Fujitsu servers delivers performance with rich enterprise-class data services, far beyond first generation software-defined storage.


Data Orchestration

  • Utilizes a 100% programmable application programming interface (API) based on industry standard protocols (no proprietary access method) to enable developers to quickly and easily access data for their applications.
  • Employs a self-service, cloud-like workflow for on-demand storage provisioning.
  • Provides live data migration, non-disruptively automated through policies, and live hardware node insertion lets you expand storage capacity on the fly without downtime.
  • Enables volume tiering to optimize performance and capacity for hybrid storage nodes based on policies.
  • Delivers advanced data services per volume, including S3 object storage, policy-based tiering, stretch clustering, L3 networking, fault domains, and all the traditional enterprise-class storage capabilities.

Enterprise Performance

  • Drives consistent sub-200µS latencies with rich data services
  • Delivers millions of IOPS across a complete data center environment
  • Enables compression and deduplication on a node or global basis to drive down costs and overhead
  • Provides price/performance control at a volume level, enabling organizations to right-size the economics for their internal or external customers

Rapid Technology Adoption

  • Supports a mix of heterogeneous nodes, including persistent memory, high-performance all-flash and hybrid flash nodes selected to meet workload requirements
  • Runs on standard server nodes from the leading vendors with no vendor lock-in
  • Insert a new node of any type and the system rebalances to incorporate that new capacity and throughput
  • Supports non-disruptive node decommissioning with automatic rebalancing
  • Enables enterprises to extend the life and value of their server assets and span multiple generations of hardware innovation

Data Center Awareness

  • Tunable resiliency through automated policy-based tiering & replicas
  • Data automation for Containers VMware, KVM & other hypervisors, and OpenStack & CloudStack
  • Support for bare metal server deployments
  • Advanced cloud-based analytics monitors infrastructure, capacity & performance

Predictive Operations

  • Uses a declarative model to continuously achieve the desired quality of service amidst constantly changing conditions
  • Employs advanced, cloud-based analytics, alerts and visualizations via a cloud engine to analyze all system resources, across individual and collective customer environments
  • Utilizes applied machine learning to optimize system-wide resources to continuously deliver the right quality of service without the need for manual tuning or intervention
  • Provides real-time visibility and control over the entire data environment with single pane-of-glass management