What Makes a Storage Solution TRULY Software-Defined?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Enterprise Storage Group senior analyst Scott Sinclair and Datera head of product Ashok Rajagopalan to learn how to understand software-defined storage and the transformational benefits it provides.

It seems like every storage company these days is talking about software-defined storage (SDS)… and for good reason. Software-defined storage provides transformational benefits for companies on a wide scale. For IT organizations, SDS technology enables infrastructure to scale to meet modern data demands, while reducing cost, improving hardware flexibility, speeding deployments, and dramatically simplifying storage infrastructure management.

As excitement mounts around SDS, a wide variety of storage industry solutions have begun leveraging the term. Some solutions, however, may not deliver all the expected benefits of SDS despite leveraging the name. The result has generated some confusion that in turn may lead some to delay SDS-based deployments. In response, it is important to understand what SDS technology provides in order for the technology to be effectively leveraged to transform IT infrastructure.

In this session, we will discuss:

– What constitutes SDS technology, and more importantly how to identify solutions that may leverage the term but may not meet expectations
– What benefits your organization should expect from SDS technology
– What advanced capabilities and features to look for in order to ensure that your organization is able to maximize the benefits of SDS

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