Transforming Today’s Data Centers for Tomorrow

We empower IT professionals to manage data across their data centers easier and quicker thus saving significant costs.

Companies can now have data and storage infrastructures that run ANY enterprise applications automatically on ANY orchestration stacks and at ANY scale with continuous delivery, elasticity and flexibility.

This is all possible with a Datera software solution.

There’s no reason why IT organizations can’t have it all when it comes to their storage infrastructure. The high-performance of traditional arrays with the operational agility of hyperscale cloud infrastructures running on commodity x86 servers —- all on-premise.

Companies can have this simple, automated, grow-as-you-go model that provides the flexibility needed with Datera.

We are Datera

Datera offers enterprises the ability to build what AWS, Google and Microsoft built. The engineering team comprises some of the sharpest minds in Silicon Valley, and they’ve developed a data center management product that’s unlike anything on the market. Datera’s flexibility and adaptability to customer’s needs makes it the perfect choice for companies looking for hypergrowth.

Meet the team