Datera Transforms the Storage World with Intel® Optane™ SSD

Intel launched the Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X, persistent memory that lets us re-imagine how data is stored, managed and delivered. Datera architected storage to be delivered as a self-tuning service, individually tailored to each application, combining cloud simplicity, scalability and agility with enterprise-class performance.

Datera seamlessly integrates Intel Optane SSD x86 nodes with all-flash and hybrid standard x86 nodes, transparently expanding its industry-leading price/performance storage continuum with memory-speed storage.

Once every decade, the computer industry brings fundamentally new hardware technology to market that transforms how computers are designed, and how we use them to experience the  digital world. Ten years ago this was the iPhone, 20 years ago the Internet, 30 years ago the IBM PC, and 40 years ago, Intel basically launched the entire IT industry as we know it today with its first microprocessor.

The launch of Intel Optane SSD marks another such seminal moment. Intel Optane SSD is basically persistent memory, and its profound implications prompted us to rethink how data is stored, managed and delivered. We imagined storage as a self-tuning, multi-tenant service, combining cloud simplicity, scalability and agility with enterprise-class performance.

The Datera Elastic Data Fabric combines mixed standard x86 server nodes with mixed storage media into a software-defined storage continuum with industry-leading price/performance elasticity. A powerful policy engine dynamically composes multiple tiers of storage and data services, individually tailored to each workload. It automatically places performance-critical data on faster nodes, and less performance-critical data and replicas on slower nodes. It continuously balances ever changing workload demands and evolving storage capabilities through “2D tiering,” horizontally across mixed node types and failure domains, and vertically across mixed media types. We complemented the self-tuning Elastic Data Fabric with a cloud-based service portal that completes our storage-as-a-service platform with 100% operations offload.

In the Datera Elastic Data Fabric, Intel Optane SSD defines just another node type: The initial Datera Intel Optane SSD node will be 3TB, delivering more than 1M IOPS at less than 250 microseconds latency, seamlessly blending persistent memory with Datera all-flash nodes and hybrid flash nodes in multiple storage tiers:

  1. a. Intel Optane SSD with >500,000 IOPS and <50 microseconds latency
  2. b. Flash with 100,000 IOPS and <500 microseconds latency
  3. c. Disk drives with 150 IOPS and multi-millisecond latencies

The ability to easily and transparently integrate and manage multiple classes of media gives customers game-changing choices to increase their competitive advantage and continue to raise the bar on operational efficiency and managing costs. Datera Elastic Data Fabric delivers a radically new architecture, where innovative software makes the infrastructure invisible, elastic and perform at the highest level. It eliminates hardware lock-in and gives customers the choice to source x86 server nodes that best meet their needs, with business model options that best align to their goals.

Storage-as-a-service with memory-class performance is a game-changer for driving the real-time digital business world today and in the future. It heralds new classes of applications, such as in-memory databases, high-transactional workloads, and real-time analytics environments.

The time of human interactivity is 100ms – it is the time data infrastructure can take to deliver a rich interactive experience. Imagine if, in the blink of an eye, data infrastructure could interactively adapt to fluctuating user demands, and cost-efficiently deliver 10,000s of transactions instead of just a few dozen? The resulting discontinuity will be hard to imagine without actually experiencing it. Just as the automobile wasn’t just a faster horse carriage, but it transformed transport, lifestyle and urban planning – and the self-driving car will transform them yet again – Intel Optane will be equally transformative for the digital world.

Datera with Intel Optane SSD will transform the storage world: Together, we can deliver petabyte-scale data infrastructure with memory-class performance as a service, individually tailored to every workload on the fly and at scale. We can drive new digital experiences, such as interactive digital business on demand, real-time insights and immersive information. This is the dawn of the data era.

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