Datera vs. Ceph – When performance matters!

Tests show Datera provides significantly higher IOPS and consistently lower latency. In our tests, we used the same physical storage node hardware, the same switches, the same network, the same load generation clients, the same testing tools, and the same number of volumes. However, the storage node hardware used in testing was designed for Datera software, not Ceph.

The AI-Defined Data Center

As data centers are re-imagined for cloud, there’s a universal need for a data management platform that can orchestrate data everywhere, across private and public clouds. Consequently, data centers are evolving from an “infrastructure-centric” model to an “as-a-service” operations model, dynamically composing their resources to each individual application. In the process, data centers are making increasingly intelligent dynamic tradeoffs between application/business needs and infrastructure capabilities.


Datera converges standard servers with mixed storage media into one single data platform, from which its AI tailors storage and data management individually to each application. Datera’s data platform is architected from ground up to be operated as a service, and can continuously adapt to evolving business needs.