Data is Currency

In the proverbial quest to align the right price/performance costs with the value of the data, IT ends up with storage silos. This creates significant operational challenges and lock-in scenarios from hardware storage vendors.

So one option is… store everything on flash! Makes sense right?

Yes, except that it is too expensive, and might not be aligned with the economic value of the data in those flash devices.

Datera answer is smart software that runs on standard x86 servers at performance and latency of enterprise-class storage! Through its policy driven and smart placement architecture, Datera Elastic Data Fabric enables customers an easy way to program the right storage technology to be aligned for the value of the data. And as the value of data changes over time, customers can easily move workload transparently across different storage platforms through simple policy changes. The end result? Unmatched operational efficiency with high performance, low latency solution that drives the absolute lowest TCO!  And no hardware lock-ins!